Saturday, February 28, 2009

lady bugs have checkers' coulours!

oh the satisfaction of noise...
that spin in the ball that create that low 'pop' sound..
and you know you have the match under control.

talking tennis here btw, just in case certain somebody just so happen to be on another page ;)

i am absolutely in love with the sound of tennis.
the vibration of the particles in a raquets' strings caused by a sudden spin excerted by the lime green ball...
that is THE most satisfying sound i have ever heard.
i would think better than your partner's moan in bed?
*though i can't be quite certain since i never personally encounter anything of that area*

how astonishing isn't it?
such simple objects: raquet and a ball
that can burst up one's esteem so much as far as a rocket can go..

owh guess what? i got a new raquet =)
it's maroon.
yes,not my favourite coulour
but as long as it serves me well, im happy.

how i got my raquet? all started when...

coach: eh ask your bro whether want change raquet
me: y?
coach: ask your bro want change raquet.then u give him your raquet.then i get u new raquet. *evil smile

so, it's not my fault that i pushed the orange k factor to my bro k.
it was coach's evil plan.
not mine!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


i need sleep

everyday's school rush is just too much to handle.
how do people juggle their time with studies and koko .i don't know.
what i know is,
it takes a lot.a lot of
*no.i'm not complaining
i'm evaluating.

trying to figure out errors in my personal time management.
impossible i would say.
cause i think i'm doing everything right..
then why am i only getting 5hours of sleep per day?
that's pure ridiculous.undoubtedly absurd.
i mean i do my homework, i play tennis,i carry out my responsibilities.
i don't go online on weekdays nor watch tv..not that i don't want to,
i can't seem to find the time to
being a small 17 year old female, 5hours of sleep is not's rest.i need sleep!

sorry for crying out loud but i think i need a break.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

time is of the essence

can't find the time to finish reading Breaking Dawn!!! that, to me, is rahter frustrating...especially right after i finished her delivery part -.- POTONG!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the nerves

the back-to-school syndrom
1. nervous
2. excited
3. uncertainty

i really really don't wanna go back to that 4 walled room! can't i be yet another home school-er? that would really make my life less miserable.
besides the buzz of kokurikulum(s), i really dont want to face my major exams. it's not cool being in a good class when you're not that smart.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


he is majorly HOT! and note that he's turning 17 too! woo-hoo!!!!!!
sorry but robert pattison, nah... so drug addict
no offence to those out there.. have a BIG NONO for fair and thin dudes..
when i first read twilight, the instant stephanie discribe edward as pale, my impression of edward just crumbled to the floor.
on the other hand ;) jacob black...*squels of delight
so tan! so talkative! so enthusthiastic! ahhhhhh! so the opposite of emotionless...down to earth robert!

so far, the best picture of robert..he's smilling
but he still do look like he just woke up XD

Friday, December 12, 2008


ChowErn: ever wish you weren't human?
Riyal: youtube Superhuman by chris brown ft Keri Hilson

guess i'm not the only one that think cliche ("~)

imagine if you were NOT human. like hiro nakamura! travelling through time. making time seem so small!! when time is actually one of the biggest road-blocks in my life.. really surprises me how easily some major opsitmistic people handle life.
if i could be hiro, i would stop time to study. -.- i know that's probably the last on everyone's list but well, if i had extra time to study without ruining my social life, that would be so SO SO awesome! and besides that, you can't probably have fun without humans' company

k, maybe not a hero. how bout being in a ladybug's shoe? [ it would be so cute if ladybugs wore shoes C;* ] i won't need to worry bout how i look. polka dots would be my daily dress code. i would be like some emo-hot looking ladybug. Cool huh?

or some english wax statue?! i could be a Princess Diana. everyone would go 'aww...' and all i need to entertaint would be my excited fans and camera flashes! *wonders away...

well, too bad i'm ChowErn, completely undoubtfully human. therefore, i shall live up my reputation, do my best at being what i am-human. it's not easy to be cheerful, but with some hardwork... the rain will pass...

"when darkness comes, light is just around the corner" quote some melbourne pastor

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my hair!

like my hair?then.

*back in october, ranee's 16

cut my hair a few weeks back =)
promised SOMEBODY i would blog about here goes

i told the lady NOT to cut my in just my frindge. and okay, so she did that. and then my mum... mum think long hair=not good. so fine, cut 2 inches...but it ended up like *picture below

this short !
2 inches?
yeah right..
the hair dresser is a nice lady, so i shall not insult her. really, hair dressers always tend to cut a few inches more than asked.
so when you say 5 inches,they'd shave u bald

my hair =(

no that i'm unhappy bout it..anymore..

oh and i got my brows done =)
that was under my 'to do before 16' list